another update

Just thought I’d let everyone know the situation again. I am currently on vacation so I won’t be working again until next week. After vacation, though, I start language school. Then, right after, college starts again. 

So tldr releases will continue to be slow, sorry.

16 thoughts on “another update

  1. As long as you finish it someday we’ll all be okay with it :). Take your time, you have been translating this series at an insanely fast speed and we are all grateful for that. I hope everything goes well πŸ™‚

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  2. We completely understand!
    Long projects like these take a lot of time and the rest of life tends to get in the way!
    Enjoy your vacation and good luck with school!


  3. did Shuumatsu volume 5 have been completed ? if no so how much chapter that still didn’t get translated ? any intention to translate EX after completed volume 5 ?


    • I’ve bought the original LN, and it seems there are 5 chapters,though I hope I could read japanese, I’l just have to wait for fgil-sama’s translations.


  4. My BIGGETS regret regarding to SukaSuka is came to MyAnimeList’s SukaSuka page then clicked on “More Characters”
    Don’t do that.
    Never do that…


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