PSA Regarding Future Plans

I get this question a lot, so I figured I’d make a post to answer it.

I do not know whether or not I will continue on to translate SukaMoka after this.

When I finish SukaSuka I will most likely do one of three things.

  1.  Translate SukaMoka
  2. Translate 君の膵臓を食べたい (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas)  something else (possibly よるのばけもの The Night Monster or また、同じ夢を見ていた I Had the Same Dream Again)
  3. Take a break from translating

Note that if I end up choosing 2 or 3 that does not necessarily mean that I will not translate SukaMoka later.

EDIT: Thank you for letting me know that I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is already translated.

EDIT EDIT: Either way, I will probably be taking at least a small break because I am going to a language school in Tokyo for a few weeks this summer.

33 thoughts on “PSA Regarding Future Plans

  1. Heheh, point 2 is funny since I already have indonesian translation of I Want to Eat Your Pancreas.

    Take your time, fgilan, your fast translating is indeed exhausting. But as usual, thanks for translating this wonderful underrated series.


  2. I Want to Eat Your Pancreas actually has me a bit interested because loundraw drew the art but it also seems someone is already tackling it.
    Definitely want SukaMoka though.


      • I think we need a second Anime of Sukasuka showing the lies and manipulations of Elk Harksten and Jade Nails, your LN delightful and completes my detective work, the old man was of course Suwon, I thought it was Willem Kumesh himself but he would never be an Great Magus I think. If you like please contact me on at my email address.


  3. Regardless of your choice, thank you for the translations so far! It has been a joy to read some good novels with great translations!


  4. First, I want to thank you for translating Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka. It is incredible in multiple ways and I seriously love it. And not only the novel is good, you translation is high quality too.

    And a question. Will you translate the EX volume of SukaSuka?


    • Can’t say for sure but if I continue with this series I’ll probably translate sukamoka over EX. I haven’t read EX myself yet.


      • Eh, that’s a pity. It would be pretty interesting to read a bit more about familiar characters, ones that we probably won’t see in the sequel. Besides, it would be really nice to have it translated for the sake of completeness.

        Could you at least consider it as one of the options? Not necessarily for the next project, but perhaps after you will read it yourself.


  5. Just wanna say thanks for translating sukasuka for us EOP to read… your translations are wonderful and i look forward to whatever work you are going to translate next =D


  6. This is the first time i heard there’s a sequel. Well wichever point it will be. I just want to thank you for bringing this wonderful series to us.
    I dont think i can bear to watch if it has not finished yet. The pain of waiting and the story is scary.


    • if you decide not to translate sukamoka because you wrote it seems to be similar with different characters, would you mind pointing out mysteries not in sukasuka if there are any and/or a summary of the story?


  7. I vote for choice 3 then choice 1 or the ex vol of sukasuka. But do what you want. Your translation are amazingly fast and high quality. Whatever choice you make ill be fine with (unless its like a choice 4 of leaving the translating community forever then ill beg you to stop)


  8. Could you at least tell me how shumatsu ends if it’s already over? It’s my favorite anime out right now and I’ve read all your translations


    • I can but it may be the Future Present WorldEndGateway. Jacob Smith, the ending of the story, is that ChtHolly and Willem enter into an WorldEndGateway of their very own, ChtHolly defeats Elk Harksten’s Poteau Monsters as Willem himself kills Elk Harksten again, ChtHolly flies down into Willem’s arms as General Slimeskin and the others including most of the town meet at the Fairy Warehouse Orphanage as Slimeskin marries ChtHolly to Willem, as Willem agrees to the marriage and welcomes ChtHolly home as his wife.


      • Hello, Eric. Could you elaborate on this more? What part of the Light Novels do Willem and Chtholly enter into the WorldEndGateway and get married?


      • Yes it is at the very last of the Anime that I seen, with the credits that CathHolly flies back to Willem without a scratch so to speak. In the Novel Willem’s 500 yrs past friends show him tunnels and a way to get to the Master Matrix Computer that is what the Present World End Gateways are, a malfunctioning computer that has to be reset. Willem not only resets it but has to kill Elk Harkstien, in my version of the story I would find her father before he became a semi wizzard monster and reunite her with him and let them to go to their own WorldEnd Gateway.


      • Well to be fair part of this was spelled out in an Alternate story in Sukasuka where Willem and a team of his Leprechaun Knights and Dragon Prince Peers 500 years in the past help him go into the World End Gateway Caverns. He successfully manages to kill Jade Nails from comming out of the computer as his Knight Lover kills Elk Harkstien. It is suggested that CathHolly is successful in a clip she does not die in the Ultimate Beast explosion and she returns to Willem and the Orphanage as her friends and family are all around her with Willem at the ending of the series of Sukasuka, I myself have enough pictures from the artwork to make an AMV Anime showing that Willem helps Elk Harkstien reunite with her father Ebron Candle and the 2 go into an WorldEnd Gateway that they help the Vampires and Immortals also the Dinosaurs destroy the last of the Ultimate Beasts. Of course my idea is speculation but in the Sukasuka itself it is suggested these things do happen.


  9. I know you’re not motivated to translate by money, but I would suggest setting up a Patreon or posting a paypal link.

    Your translation of Shumatsu (one with Kutori) is excellent. By far the best translation I’ve read, and I’ve read quite a few.

    Please consider continuing to translate Shumatsu (one with Kutori), or the sequel if there is one. You do more than translate, you bring it to life!


  10. Thx a lot for translating all this I really hope that u keep up the good work………btw what is SukaMuka??? 2season r smth like that?


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