[Shuumatsu] V4 C5 What Are You Doing at the End?

Aiseia Myse Valgalis is quite a suspicious girl. She always uses that artificial sounding laugh to hide her true emotions. When her friends get hurt, or even when she loses them for good, she never removes that vague mask of a smile.

As a result, many of the little ones who don’t know her very well mistake her to be cold hearted. Because she keeps smiling no matter what happens, they get the impression that she doesn’t really care about anyone other than herself.

Now, that Aiseia was in the reading room, doing some research. She pulled thick books off of the shelves, spread them out on the desk, flipped through their pages, hung her head, muttered ‘nope’, then put them back.

“I knew from the start, but the stuff you can learn from these really is limited,” she said with a sigh.

“Do you want to know something that you can’t learn here?” Lantolq suddenly said from behind, causing Aiseia to jump up with a scream. “Theology books? You don’t seem like the type to read those.”

“W-W-What are you doing here Lan? Don’t surprise me from behind like that!”

“How am I supposed to come from the front when you have your face down on a desk? … you seem pretty into this research.”

“Ah, haha, it kinda feels like I’m not getting anywhere though.” Aiseia said with a chuckle as she scratched the back of her head.

“… my room is right next to yours.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, that’s true.”

“I admire your strength to never cry in front of others, but, if you’re going to do it in your room, please keep it down a little. These walls are pretty thin, so I can hear.”

“Seriously!?” Aiseia seemed genuinely panicked, a sight that Lantolq hadn’t seen in awhile. “Uh… ah, I’ll be careful from now on, so I’d appreciate it if you could forget you ever heard anything…”

“I wasn’t going to tell anyone anyways. I won’t let all that effort you put into your laugh mask go to waste.”

Kutori and Nephren.

A little more than half a month had passed since they lost two comrades — no, two friends. They all knew it was about time to get over it already. They knew, but doing so proved to be rather difficult.

Also, Lantolq heard that up until just recently, a man named Willem Kumesh had lived in the warehouse too. Just walking around, she found traces of him everywhere, whether she wanted to or not. A hanger for a male army uniform. A razor for shaving facial hair. Large boots. Bottles of spices. A few new bullet points had been added to the list of bathing rules. At the bottom of the cafeteria’s menu, a new ‘Today’s Dessert’ item had been added, then crossed out.

The fairy warehouse was their home. The place where they belonged. Their effective birthplace. Yet, in the short two months that they had been gone, a complete stranger had come in and transformed this precious place. Why did they have to endure feelings of alienation and discomfort in the sole place in the world which gave them peace and nostalgia?

Lantolq couldn’t accept it. That man was their enemy all along.

“You met and talked with him, didn’t you?” Aiseia asked. “You should’ve been able to tell what kind of person he is. He can’t hide anything to save his life.”

“Unfortunately, I only saw the skilled and devotional sides of him.” Lantolq shook her head. “I’m afraid I can’t draw conclusions on such prejudiced information.”

“You really are a bother… well, I always knew that.”

Shut up.

“The best ones always die first. That’s what Grick said,” Noft said, taking her hands off of the old piano in front of her.

Since Kutori took Desperatio down with her, Noft was now temporarily a swordless fairy. Also, on a maybe unrelated note, ever since that day half a month ago, she hadn’t cut her hair. It was slowly beginning to catch up with the other girls’.

“So I’m sure that Emnetwyte must have been a good guy.”

“That logic is full of holes, but, considering that Aiseia and I are the only compatible users left, it’s rather persuasive,” Lantolq said.

“Hey, count Tiat too.”

“… oh, that’s right.”

To be honest, Lantolq only ever saw Tiat as a little fairy who never did anything but chase after Kutori. She never even thought about the fact that Tiat would one day fight alongside them. But, in the end, that’s life. Time never stops moving along, and nothing ever stops changing. Those who stand still either get left behind or pushed along by the ever flowing current.

“And also, I’m not done yet either. My life was saved, and I’m not going to let it go to waste,” Noft said as she began to play another song.

A cheerful and slightly fast tempo melody sounded forth from the piano. Did the song reflect Noft’s mood? Or did she choose it to try to make Lantolq feel better?

“It seems like giving up on the past and living a new life would be a lot easier,” Lantolq mumbled, then lay her head down on a desk and enjoyed the comfortable music.

On a vast, ashen plain, Willem opened his eyes.

“… uuh…”

He quickly closed them again. His senses felt off. He couldn’t see properly. Nor could he hear, feel, or do anything else properly. It was almost like his body had been transformed into a completely different creature. His senses and consciousness didn’t seem to be working with each other very well. The uncomfort almost made him want to puke.

… no, not ‘almost like’. I was transformed.

Somewhere deep inside his mind, a flame like object burned continually. It was rage. It was hatred. A mysterious and terrifying urge to decimate anything filled with the despicable force known as life.

Ah, so this is what the Beasts carry. He now understood why they destroyed the world.

There were still people not yet slaughtered, things not yet smashed to smithereens. That very fact occupied the forefront of his mind as an unforgivable sin. They were nothing more than specks of filth on the great ashen mother earth. They could not be allowed to exist. They needed to be cleansed.

This impulse was no doubt carved somewhere deep within his being. If he wanted to resist, the only way would be to trap himself in a dream.

Slowly, he opened his eyes once again.

He stood up.

The plains of beautiful ashen sand spread out forever and ever under the starry sky.

At the same time, feelings of joy and serenity at finally returning home spread out from his heart.

Shrouded in the darkness of night, surrounded by vast stretches of gray, a Beast emitted its first cry.

65 thoughts on “[Shuumatsu] V4 C5 What Are You Doing at the End?

  1. And thus concludes volume 4, my personal favorite of the series. I wanted to finish the last chapters all at once so you guys didn’t have to suffer as much 😛 Or maybe this is worse? I don’t know. Anyways, onward to the last volume!

    Liked by 12 people

    • Well, thank you for your consideration. Have you gotten any requests to take down your translations yet? Or will you finish the last volume before they get a chance to DMCA you?


      • Haven’t read EX yet, but if I continue I will most likely go straight to the sequel series. I’m not a big fan of spinoff type things usually.


    • I read chapter 4 part 5-7 and chapter 5 today; suffered more than usual at Ted’s sacrifice, elq denying her own “feelings”, ren and wilhelm’s meeting with “almaria”.

      I have a feeling you’ll release everything in one go so we can suffer from waiting longer and more feels in one go and we’ll probably thank you for it.

      Thanks for the chapter and no I didnt awaken to suffering.
      Just no stopping the shuumatsu feels train once you get on board.


  2. Thanks so much for the TL!
    … May be worse lol, see how the last volume goes. I really need to stop reading tragedy tagged titles.


  3. So now Willem is a beast… Did he retain his original form? Will Kutori ever come back? Will Aiseia and Lantolq lose anymore comrades? Will the last fairies die? Will anyone come back? Can this series even have an ending where we won’t end up sobbing in a corner, wishing we had never been masochistic enough to even read this story? Find out in the next and final volume! *Starts to cry, knowing that he still needs to suffer through the feels in the anime too*.

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    • Judging by the fact that he’s kept his sense of self along and along with realizing he’s transformed, he’s probably not humanoid. As for how this series will end, who knows! There’s still the plenty of plot threads to address like happened in the capital where Leila was being treated and Suwon was being held at comatose, along with Nils and the Foreigner.

      I personally am thinking that the end will be one where everyone is dead, but the world is revitalized.

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  4. Volume 4 was great, I don’t know what’s left to show in that final volume, but I hope it lets me experience all types of emotions.
    Thanks fgilan! You’re the best.


  5. Can someone please explain the purpose of Elq(?) appearing inside of Almaria’s dream and why Ren clung to Willem at the last moment?

    From my understanding, Elq is a visitor who shattered its soul into the ‘beasts’, creating humans (?) and in last chapter it was said that Nephren absorbed a portion of ‘something’ from the first beast. Was that the reason that Willem is conscious of transforming into a beast himself? Help please?

    TL;DR: WHERE’S REN?!?!?!


      • And it’s most likely true since it is the most heart breaking answer.

        The author liked to play with our feelings after all…


    • Not to sound condescending or anything, but how did you miss what Elq’s purpose is? Ren also clearly stated why she did what she did, and the effects of said actions are perfectly described. It may not be the whole reason, but it may be part of the reason why Willem still retained his sense of self.


      • Okay since you seem to understand it perfectly, could you please explain the ending? I don’t understand Elq being in Almaria’s dream world. Did they switch her out with a doppleganger? A fake? What’s with the two Elq’s? Also, apparently Ren took part of the curse along with Willem? So now both Willem and Ren are beasts called Shiantor. And what about Willem turning into a beast? Why and how? Because of Shiantor?


  6. Well, while I take no offense to your questions, I would rather hear some actual answers than more questions.

    Sorry if I sound rude, but asking me how I missed some obvious part of the story doesn’t really help me understand more of the story itself.


  7. So many chapters !! Thank you ! I realy like this novel , and being able to read it so frequently bring me imesurable joy . I mean for 70% of the other novel u follow , i don’t even know if i will be able to read the final chapter i my lifetime. So truly , thank you


  8. Volume 4 has been a great ride. There’s a lot of question left unanswered. Volume 5 will probably answer all. This novel gives me almost everything that i could’ve ask for. Feels trip hit me really hard, now i just want to snuggle in my bed, hug my pillow, cry about Nephren, Kutori and Aiseia.

    I don’t know what to expect from vol 5, but that will definitely be, one hell of a volume. Will be expecting the anime to catch up too. Curious how will they animate this scene though they probably wont cover till volume 4 if it’s only 12 episodes. Thank you so much for translating this novel, Fgilan-san 😀

    ~Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme~


    • I doubt it. I’m pretty sure the anime only cover until the end of volume 3.
      That prologue in the episode 1 literally the epilogue for this season.

      If they cramped 5 vol. novel into 12 episode anime, they need to cut a lot of things.


      • I see. Thanks for the info. Man, I wish it had 24 episodes. The ending wouldn’t be complete without volume 4. I hope that the blue ray sells well, we got a second season, and somehow Yen Press doesn’t lay a finger on this one.


  9. I’m grateful…I’m grateful my heart still intact. Though there are some cracks here and there.
    Kutori KIA, Ren MIA (in beast form, probably), Willem become one of the Beast, and Almaria… finally, she can find salvation after waiting for 500 years.

    I can’t wait to read the sequel. But, some people said here there’s one last volume, is it true? Because I think this volume 4 is already the best ending to close this story before the sequel.


  10. Thanks for translating this novel.
    Reading this volume my heart took a lot of critical hits. I hope Ren and Willen come back, but maybe it is a vain hope.
    Till next volume, I will go cry in the corner now.



    Thanks Fgilan-sama~
    will start reading right away~

    *why did i hear the song from the pv while reading part of this — to spoil me?


  12. And so ends this leg of the journey. Let us carry on to the next portion in due time after some rest. Seriously though, take a break if you think you need it. You have earned it.


  13. Thanks for the chapter as always!
    Dammit, our Prota now become the first beast while Neprhen now died for holding back the effect of transformation of the Beast!.


  14. Thank fgilan! Just done with this vol :3
    So many things i want to say but… thanks again!!!
    Just for fun, for the title of this series, here is the answer:
    What are you doing at the end? Are you busy? Can you save me?
    Becoming a beast – Yup, i have many things to destroy – i doubt that! May answer after reading vol 5 ROFL


  15. Thanks fgilan!

    To the story:
    WHY!?! We have lost literally every main character, now the bitter sweet endig is out of the window too.
    This is one hell of a roller coaster, show a little ray oh hope then instantly go NOPE it still can be worse.
    Cant help but wonder what suffering awaits us in the final chapter, if we loose Aiseia and Naigrat too…fuk.

    *throws keyboard*


  16. Well well….. this maybe my only comment but thank you so much for the translation, indeed, I love this series, I love the tragedy, romance, drama and all the sides it has, I can’t get enough of it, but I will wait patiently for the last volume, because this story surely is amazing!

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  17. And I was naive enough to believe that we would see Kutori again in this volume…

    I came directly here reading the novel right after finishing the anime, I was hoping for salvation with a better outcome of events after her sudden death but doomed to witness that things only got worse and worse and worse.

    No more Kutori, Willhem norNephren. Fuck, is happiness a forbidden word in that world ?


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