[Shuumatsu] V3 C4 The Brilliance of This Moment P5

Dream’s End

She felt as if she were swimming through a dream.

A helpless feeling of impatience enveloped her limbs.

Time stretched out thinner and thinner, while her consciousness accelerated faster and faster.

Things were lost upon each swing of her right arm.

A beast vaporized as her blazing torrent of Venom swallowed it up.

The ‘Kutori’ still barely remaining inside of the girl faded away bit by bit.

There were memories she didn’t want to forget, but she could no longer recall what they were. She had a future she didn’t want to give up on, but she could no longer picture the very concept of future. Everything was gone. She had let it all go.

But she didn’t regret it. Or at least, she didn’t think that she was regretting it. She didn’t know anymore. Already, not enough memories remained inside her for her to tell.

She lost track of time. No one would ever know how long she had continued fighting.

But still, the seemingly endless battle eventually came to a close.

The corpses of 715 Beasts lay around her, all cut apart, crushed to bits, or burned to ashes. And that was all. Confirming that no more Beasts remained around her, the girl finally stopped moving.

The wind stood still.

Her red hair, so vivid as if it were ablaze, glowed brightly in the moonlight.

— Someone was lying collapsed on the ground.

Who is that? the girl thought.

With some effort, she twisted her neck to take a look.

Enveloped in the darkness of night, a black haired young man lay on the sand with a young girl held tightly to his chest.


The girl raised her head and thought about saying something, but her throat no longer functioned after such wild breathing during the battle. And besides, she didn’t even know what to say.

The young man looked as if he were about to burst into tears. For some reason, the girl found that sight saddening.

Who is he?

Surely, he used to be someone very precious to her. But she couldn’t remember. She couldn’t even feel a sense of loss.

The girl got the feeling that she wanted the man to smile. She wanted him to laugh and tease her. But at the same time, she wanted him to cry. She wanted him to feel for her now empty self so much that he would be moved to tears. I’m a terrible person, the girl thought. I really am.

The young man’s eyes opened ever so slightly and looked towards the girl. A sudden happiness welled up inside her chest. She could convey to him. After losing everything, even losing sight of who she was, one last wish still remained inside her tattered heart. There were words she wanted convey to him before she disappeared for good.

Thank you.

She moved her lips to form those words, then, with every ounce of strength left inside her broken body, she smiled.

After a brief moment, the girl’s consciousness terminated, never to return again.

The report detailing all the losses became so thick it could almost constitute an entire book on its own. Given the enormous airship, it only seemed natural. Besides the value of the actual goods on board, the various permissions it carried, for example to fly on a certain route or anchor at a certain dock, were also quite costly. Especially since the airship had been cleared to descend to the land, you wouldn’t be able to count the number of necessary permissions with all your fingers and toes (assuming you are a race which has two feet and two hands, each containing five fingers).

But despite the extremely complicated nature of the situation, the report which reached the fairy warehouse was short and simple. Second Technician Willem Kumesh and his secretary had become missing in action during a sudden conflict at Ground Level Ruins K96-MAL. In addition, the following equipment was lost in the battle.

Dug Weapon Insania

Dug Weapon Desperatio

Dug Weapon user Nephren Ruq Insania.

Due to Second Technician Willem Kumesh’s lack of a family, his assets will be added to the Orlandri Trading Company’s 4th Warehouse’s operating budget, as he requested…

21 thoughts on “[Shuumatsu] V3 C4 The Brilliance of This Moment P5

    • Actually haven’t read it yet. The thing I’m reading now is taking a while. So I can’t really say. Of course, even if I do it, Ex would come after volume 5 is complete.

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  1. FUDGGEEEERRRRR, huhuhu I was overwhelmed by the burst of translation…only to be casted into the pits again.

    Arrrr, the cliff is ever so stronger and much more painful.

    Daem, talk about last will and testament.

    Did the last Enmetwyte just die?

    What shall become of Kutori? And who is this Elq (is she one of the orphans?)?

    Will we ever find out?



  2. Damn, i know something like this was coming, still it was a punch in the gutt.

    fgiLaN thy for translating this, i’m reading it for 3 days straight whenever i have the time…


  3. This author is shit, cant believe he killed the best girl. I hope he has a very painful death when the time comes, i hope he suffers from Alzheimer.


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