[Kimi no Na] C1 Dream

[The author uses two different pronouns for ‘I’, watashi and ore, to indicate whether Mitsuha or Taki, respectively, is narrating. Since there are no equivalent words in English, I will use an italic I and a bold I to indicate Mitsuha and Taki, respectively.]

A nostalgic voice and smell. A lovely light and warmth.

I am pressed right up against a very precious someone, with almost no gap between us. Inseparably connected. Not a single fragment of anxiety or loneliness lingers in me, as if I were a young infant again, simply drinking milk in the comfort of my mother’s breasts. A very sweet feeling, the feeling of not yet knowing loss, fills my body.

Suddenly, my eyes open.






I see.

It was a dream. I get up out of bed, and, in those mere two seconds, the warm feeling that had enveloped my body already disappears. It leaves no trace, no lingering comfort. At the suddenness of it all, leaving no time to think, tears begin to flow.

I wake up in the morning, and for some reason I am crying. This kind of thing sometimes happens to me.

And I can never remember what I had been dreaming about. I stare at my right hand, the hand which had just wiped my tears away. Only a small droplet still sits on my index finger. The tears that dampened my eyes just moments ago have already dried up, along with my dream.

Once, in this hand…

Something very important…

I can’t remember.

Giving up, I get out of bed and head for the sink. As I wash my face, I feel like I had once been surprised at the warmth and flavor of this water. I look into the mirror.

An unsatisfied face stares back at me.

I do my hair as I gaze into the mirror, then pass my arms through the sleeves of a spring suit.

I fasten my tie, which I have finally gotten used to knotting, then put on my suit.

I open the door of my apartment.

I close the door of my apartment. In front of my eyes…

The cityscape of Tokyo, which I have finally gotten used to seeing, spreads out in front of me. Just like I used to naturally memorize the peaks of mountains in the distance, I can now name a few of the skyscrapers before me.

I pass through the crowded ticket gates of the station and go down the escalator.

I get on a commuter train. Leaning against the door, I watch the scenery as it flows by. In every building, in every window, in every car, and on every pedestrian bridge, the city is overflowing with people.

A faint, hazy white sky looms above. On a car carrying a hundred people, in a train carrying a thousand people, in a city carrying a thousand trains, I gaze.

And while gazing out at the city, like always,

I realize.

I am searching for someone, a single, specific person.

I realize.


19 thoughts on “[Kimi no Na] C1 Dream

  1. Thnx for the translation but i think It would be kind of waste to translate this since the movie would come out some time soon and movie would be better to know the story than reading the novel which will be (I think) slower to translate….

    but then again thnx for the work


    • For me (who don’t know japanese at all), i have to wait about 6 months to see sub-version cause BD often come out at that time and fansub may make sub few days later :3 Better reading on that time XD
      Honestly, reading a novel, imagine a scene then see that scene in anime is really fun. It feels like “Oh! So it likes that! Better than my imagination!” XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. i wanna read moreeee but i already watched the movie, but reading is always not the same as watching.
    keep up the good work 😀


  3. Gah, I’m just clicking the link to this from Shuumatsu without thinking. For a moment I was wondering what the heck another plot twist is this before I look again at the title.


  4. i am a person who isnt moved easily but after seeing your name my heart still aches i mean this is the best love story i have ever read in my entire life


  5. I tell to you and this readers that I write this from Japan.Of course,I read the original novel written by Japanese(Makoto Shinkai wrote),
    I’m surprised that this chapter was translated Faithfully!! During I read this,I feel as if this dialog was written in Japanese.

    In U.S.,”Your Name.”makes over $400million box office.Minor directer,also the name–Makoto Shinkai–is not known,but he and his movie can make it.
    I understand American know “How you find good movies”.
    I can’t expect this volume.But dear Americans see this,impress,cry,make highly evaluation.


  6. Hello, my name is Ri and I very love your translation. Thank you for bring us such a beautiful story. And, I’m wondering if I can borrow your work and translate it into another language. I promise to keep all your credit and use it in a non-profit purpose. One more time, thank you very much.
    – Ri –


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